Message From Chairman(Board of Directors)

Message From Chairman(Board of Directors)

21 Jul 2024  1966

It's my pleasure to share a few words of happiness grossed because of a timely dream, steady hard work and honesty in words. Maybe it needs no further elaboration to refer here that Valmiki Shiksha Sadan was founded in 2053 BS by the collective effort of an education sensitive and service concerned team of local people with a view for providing quality education to make a difference in the society. In our journey to produce active, creative, vibrant and competent students to cope with the local and global need and challenges, we have spared no effort since day one of its concepts and foundation. We have come a long way of 23 years that have witnessed and recorded achievement and experience in our climb to further phenomenal record in the days to come. On turning to look back the milestone we have covered, I feel proud and jubilant for the history the institution has been able to write. Of course, I recall a few challenges and problems that came to our way but they went as they came. There never comes a time in the journey of an institution when we feel we have arrived far enough. We have a long way to go and walk an extra mile; the faculties, School Management Committee, the students, the guardians - the entire school machinery scale further height. Thank you all for your good wishes and constructive comments.

Thank you,

Er. Balibhadra Neupane


Board of Directors